Bangladesh National Parliament & Museum Tour
Bangladesh National Assembly building.

Bangladesh National Parliament & Museum Tour

Duration: Full day (10 hours) Location: Bangladesh National Perliament & Museum and Dhaka University area. Attractions: History, Culture and Architecture of Dhaka City.  Price: Starting from $40 payment FAQ Inquiry:…

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Privacy Policy

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Otter Fishing and Sundarbans Special Tour
otter fishing

Otter Fishing and Sundarbans Special Tour

Duration: 4 days 4 nights. Location: Karamjol, Harvaria, Katka, Jamtola Sea Beach, Kochikhali, Tigerpoint, Dublar Char, Narail Otter Fishing Village. Attractions: Wild Life, Sea Beach, Mangrove Forest and Otter Fishing.…

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Refreshing Sirajganj

Sirajganj is a district in the north-western side of Bangladesh in the division of Rajshahi. The City of Sirajganj is located on the bank of Jamuna River. The district was named…

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Beauty of Mymensingh

Mymensingh is one of the famous localities in Bangladesh. It is renown for educational institutes, the beauty of green paddy fields, ancient establishment and Brahmaputra River. These are like Bangladesh Agricultural…

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Arial Beel

If you wish for listening birds chirping and wind up in the wetland to stop the boat's engine, you can go Arial Beel. This is a large wetland about 136…

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Mainamati Shalban Vihara

Mainamati is an archaeological site in Comilla, Bangladesh. The ruins are in the middle of the Lalmai hills ridge, and these are of a 7th-century. It looks like Paharpur Buddhist viharas with about…

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